Web Design Trends for 2019

Webdesign Trends for 2019

Mobile optimization

Every year I have more and more clients concerned with how their website looks on the phone and they should be! Websites have 50 or even 80 percent of their traffic viewed from a mobile device. This past year, Google upped the ante even more on more mobile optimization and said If your website doesn’t look great on a mobile phone or is not mobile optimized we’re actually going to move it down in the rankings so it’s less likely to be seen. So I think we’re going to see more and more people concerned with mobile optimization.

Illustrated Websites

Now I have a long time believed in minimizing stock photography on a website utilizing as much of clients and your product photos as you can. But Illustrated websites take that another level.   These are great for technology companies because you have illustrated people that can actually create a humanizing element to it. And also I love the feel of Illustrated Web sites. I think they bring like lightness and fun. I don’t think they’d be for every industry. But I do think for the industries that can utilize them well-illustrated websites are going to be a huge trend. They’re also very clean looking very white looking which is where a lot of websites are right now anyway.

Inclusive/Accessible design

Inclusive or accessible design is designing websites in a way where people with a disability can use assisted devices to access your website. This accommodates for things like text readers, magnifiers, and visual impairments to name a few.  I think we’re going to have an even stronger emphasize for emphasis this next year on inclusive accessible design.

Great Writing

I’ve seen an increased people’s value for well-written copy and I see more and more clients that are finally wanting to hire someone to make sure all of their copy sounds great. This past year I brought someone on my staff that is a copywriter that proofs all the websites that we create and writes a lot of copy for our clients.   I think copywriters are going to find themselves busy because people are beginning to see the value of great writing.

Even more video

The trend for the past couple years has been using a background video in the hero image or banner section. I don’t know that you’ll see more of that, but I think you’ll see more and more video used by businesses on their website helping humanize their brand and also helping people know like and trust them as a service provider. I think you’re going to see more and more people utilizing video also because I think video is becoming more and more attainable and affordable for people to utilize.

Move away from handwritten or script fonts

Switching back to a design perspective I think another trend for 2019 is going to be less than last. Handwritten or script fonts. I know in some circles they love script fonts and they love very feminine script fonts. But I think you’re going to see more businesses that traditionally have had a script font changing to more classic or professional looking branding.

One example is Mailchimp that just rebranded their company. They kept the playful feel that they are known for but moved away from their script font.

SEO/Google awareness

I’ve seen clients interested in SEO and getting on the first pages of Google grow over the years and I think optimizing websites for great search results is only going to continue to grow this year.