I walk you through the process from concept to finish to get the website you’ve dreamed of.


While every custom website I make is unique to your business, our process remains the same for every one.  This ensures that every website is made with the best quality and that you know what to expect along the way. 
Here’s how we work: 

Our custom website design process typically takes 8-16 weeks to complete, depending on how fast your team is able to work to deliver necessary initial input, mid-project feedback, and revision-stage input. The timeline is broken down into these three phases:

Phase 1: Goals + Strategy
Phase one is all about clarity, both visually and strategically. We work with you and your team to identify your organizational goals; your existing assets; your key and main audiences; how your new site will feed your organization and its goals; what other systems you use or are considering; and your capacity to handle your website’s updates and TLC down the line.

Phase 2: Website Design & Development
After we have a clear idea of your organization’s goals and vision, we wrap up our research and discovery and get to work designing and writing and gathering other content needs (like images). During this time, we’ll design and develop a staging site for your website and you’ll receive a private link to play with and explore your new site prior to submitting your feedback. We’ll liaise with you to get live feedback and once all this feedback is received, and all the revisions are made, we’ll finalize the site design and development prepping for your launch day.

Phase 3: Post Launch
After your website is complete and “live” online, we deliver to you training videos on how to manage portions of your website with the most vital and changing content.


Note on Content
Any stage on the timeline above with a blue box around it requires action on your team’s part. You will be provided with a Google Drive folder that will host all of your content. We will both work with your team to ensure that these deliverables get to us when we need them.

Expect to spend 2-4 hours finding and collecting all of your content to share with us. Helpful content that you can provide to us:
            1.         Logo files
            2.         Photos (the more high-quality photos you provide the better)
            3.         Any marketing materials you are currently using
            4.         Any written materials you are currently using

You will be given content deadlines at the start of the project. Providing robust content by these dates will help us meet the launch deadline. We know life is busy, so if you miss deadlines, just know that your launch date will likely be delayed. 


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