Webdesign Trends for 2019

Mobile optimization Every year I have more and more clients concerned with how their website looks on the phone and they should be! Websites have 50 or even 80 percent of their traffic viewed from a mobile device. This past year, Google upped the ante even more on...

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Asana as a Content Calendar Asana is an amazing task/project management tool.  I have liked this program to help keep me organized, but now I LOVE this program for how it keeps me on track and creates great team communication....

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What to include in your website sidebar

I was recently asked about sidebars on websites. Who needs a sidebar on their website and what needs to be included? If you have a blog on your website and aspire to use the blog as a way to generate traffic for your website, then you probably need a sidebar. Why? If...

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How to post a blog to your Shopify Site

Every single day more than 2.8 millions blog posts are written. That's a ton of content! We are smack-dab in the middle of the content marketing era. Content marketing is utilizing the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media...

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Happy Green Landscaping and Cleaning

Creative Process For small to medium-sized businesses, their website is a key marketing piece to expand and grow their company.  It showcases the business that you have started and helps inform current customers of all your services offerings. The Client Happy Green...

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The Well Vineyard Church – Website Design

Creative Process For many businesses and non-profit organizations, their website is the "front door" to their organization.  It shows potential visitors what your organization is about and how a visitor can join or engage with it.  An additional challenge for churches...

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