Creative Process

For many business owners, an aspect of expanding their brand and their business is writing a book. A book can increase your authority, credibility, and expertise. What does every compelling, well-written book need? A great cover and a website to match of course!

The Book

An owner of a floral shop wrote a memoir type book sharing her favorite memories from her years in business.


The client needed a book cover design, matching website, and marketing campaign for the upcoming book. The client loved abstract paintings and the book lent itself to a strong floral design.

For this cover, I painted a custom design based on her floral creation.

Market Research

White background book covers are trending in 2017. Clean design, with high contrast colors tends to have better sales.



We created a one-page website that matched the branding of the book cover.   This served as a landing page to get to know the author and to also learn more about the book.

Favorite Elements

My favorite part of this design was stretching into an artistic feel and moving away from the standard row sections of a website.  My designs are typically very linear and high contrast, so it was fun to add extra artistic elements to this design.

Mobile responsive

Because of the amount of open space in this design, I was able to create a mobile version that was identical to the online version.

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